About Janata Dal (Secular) JD(S)

The Janata Dal (Secular), commonly called the JD (S), is a regional political party. Its political position is centre-left, operating on the ideology of Social Democratic Secularism. The Janata Dal (Secular) has its mass base in the states of Karnataka and Kerala. Also, in Kerala, it is a prominent part of the Left Democratic Front


The Janata Dal (Secular) traces its roots back to the Janata Party organized by Jayaprakash Narayan that united all anti-Indira Gandhi parties under one banner for the 1977 national elections. Janata Dal was formed in Bangalore with the merger of the Janata Party with smaller opposition parties in 1988. In 1996, the party reached its pinnacle when Shri H.D Deve Gowda became Prime Minister of India, heading the United Front (UF) coalition government.. Janata Dal split in 1999 when some leaders left to ally with the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance and form the Janata Dal (United) party. That party was led by George Fernandes while H.D. DeveGowda emerged as the leader of the Janata Dal (Secular). The 2004 elections in Karnataka witnessed the revival of the party’s fortunes with Janata Dal (Secular) becoming part of the ruling coalition in the state. Subsequently, party leader H. D. Kumaraswamy headed a popular coalition government in the state for 20 months.


Our Party

We believe that everyone needs to be together and that everyone together can achieve more – the state and the country succeeds when everyone gets equal opportunities, there is no discrimination, when everyone contributes their due to the country and our land, Our party, led by our leaders, is focused on building an community that lasts, helps everyone and the country. We will reach out to every individual

Our Focus

Education, Health Care, Job Creation, Farmer Rights, Equal Opportunities to All .

Year Assembly Election Seats Contested Seats Won Votes Secured Percentage Of Votes
1999 11th Assembly 203 10 23,16,885 10.42 %
2004 12th Assembly 220 59 52,20,121 20.77%
2008 13th Assembly 219 28 49,59,252 18.96%
2013 14th Assembly 222 40 63,29,864 20.09%
2018 15th Assembly 202 37 66,66,307 18.30%
Year Lok Sabha Election Seats Contested Seats Won Votes Secured Percentage Of Votes
2004 14th Lok Sabha 28 2 51,35,205 20.45%
2009 15th Lok Sabha 21 3 33,35,530 13.58%
2014 16th Lok Sabha 25 2 34,06,465 11.00%
2019 17th Lok Sabha 8 1 33,97,229 9.67%