Achievements of JD (S)

As a regional political party, the JD (S) has had a number of significant achievements. Some of these are listed below:

• The Janata Dal (Secular) has a number of frontal organizations under its banner. Its student wing called the Student Janata Dal, its youth wing called Yuva Janata Dal and its women's wing called the Mahila Janata Dal have contributed greatly to the cause of these particular sections of the society.

• As a benefit for the farmers in the states of Karnataka and Kerala, the JD (S) waived of interest on loans to farmers who had cleared the principal amount. The JD (S) also provided 10 hours uninterrupted power supply to the farmers in these states, so that they could carry out the irrigation process comfortably.

• The Janata Dal (Secular) initiated a National Agro Policy, which was pro-farmers and pro-rural in approach. Janata Dal kept up its promise of reviving the 'Green Card' scheme for the urban and rural people below the poverty line. These people benefited by getting ration at a cheaper price of Rs. 3.25 per kg. The Janata Dal (Secular) Government, when in power, issued Green Card to 65 lakh families.

• As a Prime Minister of India, Deve Gowda attended many forums of international trade and development such as the Forum of International Economists in 1995, and ensured much foreign investments in the country at that time, hence enhancing the political and economic condition of trade and commerce in India.

• Deve Gowda was immensely successful in completing the "Krishna Jalabhagya Nigama" or the Krishna River Project. This was a big challenge for the JD (S) as the river Krishna is the heart of Karnataka. As the prime minister, Gowda provided rupees 122 crores for the development of the project. The Government further agreed to give rupees 252 crores for the project. For the A.I.B.P (Accelerated Irrigation Benefit programme) on the Krishna river, 130 crores was given for the development.